NERR Super 16 All-Tournament Team-10th Grade Division- First Team- All Tournament

Jai Smith, NY Dragons – Standing at 6’9, Smith dunked everything in the paint.  While his skill work on the perimeter needs to continue to improve, his willingness to defend makes for an intriguing prospect.

Josiah West, NY Dragons An athletic lead guard, West uses a quick first step to get in the lane and is not afraid to finish at the rim in traffic.  He impressed throughout the weekend, and is one to keep an eye on for the Dragons as the summer goes on.


1 2021 F 6-9 Milwaukee Washington H.S. Milwaukee WI Arizona State
2 2021 SG 6-6 The Rivers School Dorchester MA Undecided
3 2021 G/F 6-8 Sussex Hamilton Menomonee Falls WI Undecided
4 2021 C 6-11 Christ The King Brooklyn NY Undecided
5 2021 PF 6-9 Florida Prep Arcadia FL Undecided
6 2021 SF 6-5 Cathedral Prep Erie PA Undecided
7 2021 PF 6-7 Huntington Prep Huntington WV Undecided
8 2021 SF 6-7 Sam Rayburn Porter TX Undecided
9 2021 C 6-11 Cy Fair Learning Center Houston TX Undecided
10 2021 PG 6-0 Adair County H.S. Bowling Green KY Undecided
11 2021 SG 6-3 Paul VI H.S. Washington DC Undecided
12 2021 SF 6-7 Rutgers Prep Somerset NJ Undecided
13 2021 PF 6-9 Blackhawk Christian Fort Wayne IN Undecided
14 2021 PF 6-10 Christ Church Simpsonville SC Undecided
15 2021 C 6-10 Steward School Richmond VA Undecided
16 2021 SF 6-9 Bishop Ludden H.S. Syracuse NY Undecided


Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2021 Top 100 National Player Rankings


The Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2021 Top 100 National Player Rankings are below. Please remember these rankings are compiled from our scouts at tournaments, camps and combines. The rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such. Congratulations to the players that made the list and others should use this as motivation. 

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2021 Top 100 National Player Rankings

1. Trey Patterson 6’9 Forward (NJ) 
2. Terrence Clarke 6’6 Guard (MA) 
3. Zion Harmon 5’10 Guard (KY) 
4. Moussa Cisse 6’10 Forward (NY) 
5. Malik Thomas 6’3 Guard (CA) 
6. Chucks Lucky 6’11 Forward (TN) 
7. Pape Cisse 6’9 Forward (CA) 
8. Jonathan Lawson 6’7 Forward (TN) 
9. Kamryn Waites 6’9 Forward (TX) 
10. Trevor Keels 6’5 Forward (MD)
11. Jai Smith 6’8 Forward (NY) 
12. Nnanna Njoku 6’8 Forward (DE) 
13. Victory Naboya 6’8 Forward (MD) 
14. Amar’e Marshall 6’2 Guard (NJ) 
15. Darius Tilghman 6’3 Guard (MD) 
16. Carter Whitt 6’1 Guard (NC) 
17. Julius Ellerbe 6’5 Forward (MD) 
18. Keon Edwards 6’5 Forward (TX) 
19. Patrick Baldwin 6’6 Forward (IL) 
20. William Jeffress 6’6 Forward (PA)
21. Mohammed Aminu 6’5 Forward (MD) 
22. Alexis Reyes 6’8 Forward (MA) 
23. De’Twan Montague 6’8 Forward (MD) 
24. Meechie Johnson 6’0 Guard (OH) 
25. Jalen Blackmon 6’1 Guard (IN) 
26. Duncan Powell 6’7 Forward (TX) 
27. Lanston Love 6’3 Guard (TX) 
28. Ryan Conway 6’1 Guard (MD) 
29. Quadir Pettaway 6’1 Guard (VA) 
30. Wilhelm Dorsz 6’8 Forward (CA)
31. Brayon Freeman 6’0 Guard (DC) 
32. Obinna Anyanwu 6’7 Forward (CA) 
33. Darius Washington 6’8 Forward (KY) 
34. Caleb Furst 6’8 Forward (IN) 
35. Zaon Collins 5’11 Guard (NV) 
36. Jakai Robinson 6’4 Forward (MD) 
37. Donell Harris 6’7 Forward (FL) 
38. Reuben Fatheree 6’8 Forward (TX) 
39. Arthur Kaluma 6’6 Forward (TX) 
40. Kamani Holt 6’5 Guard (AZ)
41. Drissa Traore 6’7 Forward (NY) 
42. KJ Adams 6’6 Forward (TX) 
43. Shane Dezonie 6’3 Guard (PA) 
44. Zaakir Williamson 6’6 Forward (PA) 
45. Samuel Onu 6’10 Forward (TX) 
46. Jalen Bradberry 6’1 Guard (NY) 
47. PJ Neal 6’2 Guard (TX) 
48. Christian Tomasco 6’7 Forward (PA) 
49. Christian Bento 6’10 Forward (CA) 
50. Adam Walden 6’9 Forward (MD)
51. Rasool Diggins 6’0 Guard (PA) 
52. Nick Thomas 6’7 Forward (NY) 
53. Devin Askew 6’3 Guard (CA) 
54. Kurt Henderson 6’0 Guard (MA) 
55. Seth Wilson 6’0 Guard (OH) 
56. Quron Zene 6’7 Forward (CT) 
57. Tristan Jeffries 6’4 Guard (NJ) 
58. Michael Mitchell 6’1 Guard (CA) 
59. Wade Taylor IV 5”10 Guard (TX) 
60. Marcus Dyes 6’3 Guard (NY)

61. Jalen Hammond 6’0 Guard (NJ) 
62. Anthony Sayles 6’1 Guard (IL) 
63. Malcolm Dread 6’4 Guard (MD) 
64. Tyler Powell 6’4 Guard (CA) 
65. Saveon Jackson 5’11 Guard (MD) 
66. Freddie Young Jr. 6’0 Guard (NJ) 
67. Bryce Hopkins 6’2 Guard (IL) 
68. Brent Walker 6’7 Forward (OH) 
69. Wilfredo Amaro 6’2 Guard (TX) 
70. TJ Morris 6’3 Guard (NY)
71. Ahmad Harrison 5’11 Guard (MD) 
72. Chris Page 6’4 Guard (CA) 
73. Noah Harris 5’10 Guard (NJ) 
74. Glenn Taylor 6’4 Guard (NV) 
75. Chris Hodges 6’8 Forward (IL) 
76. Kyle Duke 6’1 Guard (CN) 
77. Jaden Rogers 5’11 Guard (KY) 
78. Mazi Jackson 6’2 Guard (NY) 
79. Isaiah Cornish 6’5 Forward (MD) 
80. Jaden Jones 6’5 Guard (TX)
81. Javonte Brown 6’10 Forward (CN) 
82. Juan Reyna 5’9 Guard (TX) 
83. Paris Dawson 6’0 Guard (CA) 
84. Emmanuel Obaseki 6’2 Guard (TX) 
85. Malachi Smith 5’10 Guard (NY) 
86. Khalil Brantley 5’9 Guard (FL) 
87. Daeshun Ruffin 5’9 Guard (MS) 
88. Jalen McDaniel 6’7 Forward (MO) 
89. Jackie Johnson 5’10 Guard (KS) 
90. Wes Peterson 6’4 Guard (DC)
91. Sam Fagan 5’11 Guard (NJ) 
92. Nick Davidson 6’7 Forward (CA) 
93. Jahki Washington 6’5 Forward (CT) 
94. Avery Brown 6’1 Guard (CT) 
95. Hercy Miller 5’11 Guard (CA) 
96. Pierre Brooks 6’5 Forward (MI) 
97. Jalen Breazeale 5’8 Guard (SC) 
98. Jaylen Brown 5’9 Guard (NJ) 
99. Chris Ford 6’4 Forward (NC) 
100. Jake Koverman 6’5 Forward (MD)
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Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Post Season Awards

The Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade circuit was one of the best we have seen in recent years. Here is a look at our 8th Grade Award winners for the season. 

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Post Season Awards 

Team Of The Year: (NY Rens) 
The NY Rens displayed a dominant performance at the Clash For The Cup as they mercy ruled just about every opponent. They went on to also dominate in other major tournaments while capturing several championships. This was a very serious squad. 
Coach Of The Year: Everton Browne (NY Dragons) 
Browne led the Dragons to the AC Showcase Championship while knocking off several top-notch teams on his way. He also ventured out and play in other top events in the country while putting his squad on the national map. 
Player Of The Year: Terrence Clarke (Expressions) 
This was a tough one but we gave Clarke the nod because he came out to play against the best competition at every event. The smooth wing guard had some big games and proved to be one of the best players in the country. 
Most Outstanding Player: Mousa Cisse (NY Rens) 
This forward sent shock waves through the Clash For The Cup. He was the most dominant force we seen this season on both ends of the floor. He has a name we should be hearing for years to come. A total beast. 
Most Improved Player Award: Noah Harris (NJ Bulldogs) 
Harris improvement in his game showed at the Tip Off Classic with Team Rio and the AC Showcase with NJ Bulldogs. The combo guard gave us a taste of his range and ability to break down defenders. Once he got hot it was very difficult to slow him down. 
Best Prospect Award: Trey Patterson (Team Rio National) 
In Patterson’s only Spotlight appearance, he showed he was simply on a different level. He displayed good versatility and was virtually unstoppable when his jump shot was falling. Look for him to be in the Top 5 of many ranking list in the fall. 
Best Scorer Award: Jalen Hammonds (New York Dragons) 
Regardless of what team he suited up for Hammonds made sure he got buckets. He was a monster going to the basket and especially in transition. He has a swift handle and good change of speed moves. He’s capable of putting any team on his back. 
Defensive Player Of The Year: Jai Smith (NY Dragons) 
Smith was ferocious on the defensive end and on the boards. He was able to guard multiple positions and block shots in his area. He played with big energy and understands his role on the floor. Keep an eye on this kid. 
Newcomer Of The Year: Mohammad Aminu (Dynamic Disciples) Aminu was a beast on the Spotlight circuit. He attacked the rim like Dwayne Wade and scored against some of the best teams in the country. He had the swagger and killer instinct that carried the Disciples deep in a few tournaments. He has a bright future ahead of him. 
Best Playmaker Award: Bray Freeman (New World Unlimited) Freeman was on a mission this year and has put his name in discussion as the best floor general in the region. His handle is superb and he can either score the rock or drop a nice dime. He put on a show at the Tip Off Classic. 

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Final Top 10 Team Rankings 
1. NY Rens 
2. Team Takeover 
3. New World Unlimited 
4. NY Dragons 
5. Team Final 
6. We R 1 Bulldogs 
7. Milbank 
8. Expressions Elite 
9. PSA Cardinals 
10. Dynamic Disciples


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Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 8th Grade Top Performers Top Performers Part 1

Jai Smith (NY Dragons)

The Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 8th Grade Division was loaded with talent. Here’s our first look at the Top Performers from that division. 

AC Showcase 8th Grade Top Performers Top Performers Part 1 

Jai Smith Forward (NY Dragons) – This past weekend Smith was the most dominating big man we saw. He anchored the middle for the Dragons blocking and rebounding everything which is why his team hoisted the championship trophy on Sunday. Jai has a high motor and plays hard on both ends of the floor. He is very unselfish as he is a good passer out of the post when he draws the double team or isn’t in a comfortable position to score. Smith finishes at a high level around the basket and can knock down his free throws. He finished with a game high 25 points in the championship making 7 of 9 free throws.


Marcus Dyes Guard (NY Dragons) – Dyes is one of those players that you love to have on your team because he does anything to win the game. He is a big wing guard that rebounds his position very well and is best scoring the ball by attacking the basket off the dribble in the half court or finishing in transition. He has a very calm demeanor and doesn’t get rattled at any point during a game. At this level he can guard the one through the four which gives his coach a lot of options on the defensive end. He tallied 17 points in their semifinal win.
Jalen Hammond Guard (NY Dragons) – Hammond looks really good running the point for the Dragons. He has a lot of weapons around him so he can just run the show and pick his spots on the offensive end. He is a natural point guard that does a good job surveying the floor and figures out how to attack the defense’s weak spots. Jalen is a very good on ball defender and he causes havoc for the opposing team’s point guard. He is a very good leader and he led his team to the championship which is what the most important thing is for point guards.

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AC Showcase Highlights: Browne Heats Up From Downtown!


The NY Dragons took home the top crown and Everton Browne helped them along the way. He heated up during the quarterfinals against the NY Gauchos. He was 6 for 8 from behind the arc and finished with 18 points in the victory. Check out his highlights below.

            6'9" JAI SMITH IS THE REAL DEAL.

NY Dragons Making a Statement

03/24/2017, 3:45pm EDT
By NYBL Staff

New York Dragons 8th grade team has several noteworthy prospects that we feel will make them a contender for the NYBL 8th Grade Championship.

New York Dragons 8th grade team has several noteworthy prospects that we feel will make them a contender for the NYBL 8th Grade Championship. Their team play and tenacious defense can be recognized as the attribute that separates them from the pack.

This tough-nosed, New York based team made it known from the tip that they enjoy defending and forcing turnovers. Throw in the 6’9” shot blocker - Jai Smith (20 points, 22 rebounds, and 6 blocks) and its clear to see why points are hard to come by when facing the Dragons. Smith proved he is more than a shot blocker, with his impressive touch around the basket and his “high-major” athleticism.

In their Sunday morning match-up against Alabama-based Team Carroll Premier (Adidas sponsored), they showed the discipline and composure that’s needed in every championship caliber team. After building a substantial, but critical lead in the second half, the Dragons needed a true PG to step up and lead the team down the stretch. Marshall Stevenson stepped into that role and flourished for the Dragons. His ball handling ability, and his shifty changes of speed allowed them to hold onto the lead and defeat Team Carroll Premier (AL). NYBL scout Glen Mayo had this to say about Marshall, “He is as effective off of a ball screen as anyone in this entire pool.”

Add in do-everything perimeter threat Jalen Hammonds (6’2” Guard with averages of 15 points / 8 assists / 5 steals) and you can see why the Dragons have to be considered one of the favorites of this year’s NYBL Finals.

Expect this gritty Dragons team to make a lot of noise and draw a lot of attention this year in the NYBL Season 5.

 Boys Varsity Basketball (7-17; 5-10 HVAL)

Harvey’s boys varsity basketball team ended its season earlier than it had hoped, a first-round loss in the Housatonic Valley Athletic League (HVAL) playoffs, but the Cavaliers had their share of highlights along the way. Guided by head coach Denis Arnautovic and assistant Mike Rubenfeld, the Cavaliers finished 5-10 in the HVAL.

Topping the list of highlights was the arrival halfway through the season of Everton Browne, who made the giant leap from the Middle School team and scored 20 points in his first game for the varsity. He thrilled a packed house on Harvey’s home court by draining a bunch of 3-pointers from all around the perimeter to lead his team to victory. Browne finished the year averaging 13.4 PPG.


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Super Skillcase Profile: Everton Browne (Middletown, NY)

Name: Everton Browne 

Hometown: Middletown, NY 

Class: 2022 

Position: Combo Guard 

Analysis: Known for his outside shooting prowess Browne has begun to develop decision making at the guard spot. His ball handling helps him get open looks but he can also create opportunities for his teammates. We will be looking for him with the loaded NY Dragons.


Name: Mazir Jackson 

Hometown: Syracuse, NY  

Class: 2021 

Position: Point Guard 

Analysis: Jackson is a pure floor general when it comes to distributing the rock and running the show. He’s very unselfish which will stand out as he moves on in his basketball career. He has a tight handle and good basketball instincts. He showed the passion and the ability to bang with the big boys.

Super Skillcase Profile: Marcus Dyers (BINGHAMTON, NY)

Name: Marcus Dyes 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 

Class: 2021 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Analysis: Dyers brought this scoring prowess to the Super Skillcase. He’s silky smooth and has some athleticism to go with it. He was breaking down defenders off the bounce and finishing through traffic. He’s on the cusp on being a big time player and this might be his breakout year. 

Jai Smith Makes A Statement At Super Skillcase! (Video)

Jai Smith

Jai Smith moved from North Carolina and has instantly made his name known in the Northeast. He’s currently ranked as our #9 8th Grader in the country. This past Saturday he traveled down to the Super Skillcase and showed why he was Top 10 in America. The explosive forward was perhaps the best finisher in his grade level. He also showed the ability to put the ball on the deck and made plays especially in transition. Check out his highlights below.




Super Skillcase Profile: Micawber Etienne (Middletown, NY)

Name: Micawber Etienne 

Hometown: Middletown, NY 

Class: 2021 

Position: Forward 

 Analysis: This kid was also a fresh face and very huge. Standing a long 6’8 Etienne clogged the lane on defense while altering and blocking shots. He also hit the glass for boards. He’s still in project mode offensively but can finish close at the basket. Another bright spot was his willingness to try and handle the rock. This kid could turn into something special down the road especially when he improves his explosiveness. 


Super Skillcase Profile: Jai Smith (New York, NY)

Name: Jai Smith 

Hometown: New York, NY 

Class: 2021 

Position: Forward 

Analysis: One of the top ranked players in the country, Smith proved to be too much to handle at times. The 6’7 forward fluidly pushed the rock up the floor, made decisions and finished hard especially over the rim. He still has some work to do when it comes to developing his wing game but his impact his immediate, strong and often. He was a fresh face since relocating to NY but very known once he left the building.

Super Skillcase Profile: James Madill (Manlius, NY)

Name: James Madill 

Hometown: Manlius, NY 

Class: 2021 

Position: Combo Guard 

Analysis: The Spotlight veteran is coming off a good showing at the Future Phenom Camp and carried that success into the Super Skillcase. He very efficient when either handling the rock or knocking down shots. He will pull the trigger beyond the arc or from the mid-range area. I love how he stays within his game when performing and doesn’t take many risky chances. I’m hearing that he will rock with the NY Dragons this upcoming season. We will be on the lookout. 

Nationally Ranked Players Flock To Super Skillcase


The Super Skillcase 2016 is loaded with former and current Basketball Spotlight stars. This event will have a middle school version on Saturday and the high school session on Sunday. The high school division is led by nationally ranked players Scottie Lewis, Bryan Antoine and Jalen Gaffney. 

The middle school session includes several nationally ranked players including; 
Trey Patterson (#1 Class of 2021) 
Jai Smith (#9 Class of 2021) 
Shane Dezonie (#16 Class of 2021) 
Marcus Dyes (#46 Class of 2021) 
Antonio Sellers (#11 Class of 2022) 
Amaral Pierre-Jerome (#13 Class of 2022) 
Tyler Hawkins (#16 Class of 2022) 
Zion Cruz (#21 Class of 2022) 
Jayden Pierre (#29 Class of 2022) 
Everton Browne (#47 Class of 2022) 
Darryl Simmons (#50 Class of 2022) 
Louis Hutchinson (#55 Class of 2022) 

As you can see this field is totally loaded and we can’t wait to see them perform. Click Here To Register for this big time event.

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Basketball Spotlight Class of 2022 Super 70 National Player Rankings


The Basketball Spotlight Class of 2022 Super 70 National Player Rankings are listed below. These rankings are based on our opinion and should be taken as such. Congratulations to those that made this list but just remember this is just the beginning. You must continue to work on your game. 

Basketball Spotlight Class of 2022 Super 70 National Player Rankings

1. Jaden Bradley Guard (North Carolina) 
2. Emoni Bates Forward (Michigan)
3. Caleb Houston Guard (Canada) 
4. Kamari Lands Forward (Indiana) 
5. Bryce Griggs Guard (Texas) 
6. Chris Livingston Forward (Ohio) 
7. Dee Morton Guard (Georgia) 
8. Jarace Walker Forward (Pennsylvania) 
9. Antonio Hamlin Guard (Maryland) 
10. David Clark Forward (California)
11. Antonio Sellers Guard (New Jersey) 
12. Quinn Clark Forward (Virginia) 
13. Amaral Pierre-Jerome Forward (New Jersey) 
14. Trey Thomas Guard (Washington, DC) 
15. Justice Williams Guard (Pennsylvania) 
16. Tyler Hawkins Guard (New York) 
17. Ty Rogers Forward (Michigan) 
18. Raydon Thorson Guard (Arizona) 
19. Amari Bailey Guard (Illinois)
20. Carlos Alexander Guard (Maryland) 
21. Zion Cruz Guard (New Jersey) 
22. Sonny Johnson Jr. Guard (Ohio) 
23. Jalen Duren Forward (Delaware) 
24. Paul McMillan Guard (Ohio) 
25. Andrew Ruebottom Forward (Maryland) 
26. Dariq Whitehead Forward (New Jersey) 
27. JJ Louden Forward (Indiana) 
28. Derrick Key Forward (Maryland)
29. Jayden Pierre Guard (New Jersey) 
30. Ronald Greene Forward (New York) 
31. Skyy Clark Guard (California) 
32. Keyon Webb Guard (North Carolina) 
33. Joe Medlin Forward (New York) 
34. Sammy Scott Guard (Maryland) 
35. Terrence Gibbs Guard (Florida) 
36. Kamaren Rodriquez Guard (New York) 
37. Ramel Lloyd Guard (California) 
38. Nick Padilla Guard (New York)
39. Dean Newsome Guard (Pennsylvania) 
40. Robert Martin Guard (Missouri) 
41. Tevon Tapper Forward (New York) 
42. Knasir McDaniels Guard (Washington, DC) 
43. Jalen Thompson-Samuels Forward (Canada) 
44. Ashton Henderson Guard (Michigan) 
45. Jason Moore Forward (Maryland) 
46. Jordan Marsh Guard (North Carolina) 
47. Everton Browne Guard (New York) 
48. Grant Ott-Large Forward (Indiana) 
49. Dylan Williamson Forward (Maryland)
50. Darryl Simmons Guard (Connecticut) 
51. Harrison Alexander Forward (North Carolina) 
52. Jaden Johnson Guard (Maryland) 
53. Evan Young Guard (Utah) 
54. Francisco Mattei Forward (New York) 
55. Louis Hutchinson Guard (Washington, DC) 
56. Donovan Leak Guard (Maryland) 
57. Jeremiah Bembry Forward (New Jersey) 
58. Josiah Harris Guard (Ohio) 
59. Asa Khalid Guard (North Carolina)
60. Michael Montano Guard (Virginia) 
61. Sean Jones Guard (Ohio) 
62. Matt Flipkowski Forward (New Jersey) 
63. Aiden Mohoney Guard (California) 
64. Paris Gattis Forward (North Carolina) 
65. Kamal Francis Forward (Maryland) 
66. Nikkos Kovanes Forward (Virginia) 
67. Mason Piorkowski Guard (New Jersey) 
68. Zatai Townsend Guard (New York) 
69. Eudell Mason Forward (Connecticut) 
70. CJ Riley Guard (New York)









National Team Rankings: Class of 2021 (Final Edition 2016)

09/27/2016, 3:00pm EDT
By coast2coastpreps

West Coast equals Best Coast in 2021

The 2016 season has concluded and in a tight race for the #1 spot the West Coast All Stars have taken the crown. Coming in after WCA is the League Finals champion & AAU 7th grade based national champion, Baltimore Team Thrill. The Atlanta Celtics won the 13u AAU Nationals and checked in at #3 followed behind CIA Bounce and Team Takeover

The class of 2021 final rankings can be found here: Class of 2021 Final Rankings. 

1  West Coast All Stars  California
2  Team Thrill  Maryland
3  Atlanta Celtics  Georgia
4  CIA Bounce  Canada
5  Team Takeover  Washington D.C.
6  Sports U Team Izod  New Jersey
7  Seattle Select  Washington
8  Memphis Wildcats / Team Penny  Tennessee
9  Kansas Pray and Play Players  Kansas
10  Birmingham Storm  Alabama
11  Team Teague  Indiana
12  YBR Elite / We All Can Go  Tennessee
13  New World  Washington D.C.
14  The Family  Michigan
15  Carolina Wolves  North Carolina
16  Tru Game  Ohio
17  New York Rens  New York
18  Ray Allen Select   Wisconsin
19  New York Dragons  New York
20  Oakland Elite  Michigan
21  Philly Triple Threat  Pennsylvania
22  Ballers Select  California
23  D.C. Blue Devils  Washington D.C.
24  Westside Hoops TV  California
25 (tie)  Orlando Jayhawks  Florida
25 (tie)  Trained to Ball  Illinois


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Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2022 Top 30 Player Rankings


The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2022 was perhaps the best talent in the building. Here’s our Top 30 player rankings from the event. These rankings are based solely on camp performance. Our national rankings will be coming out this fall. 

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2022 Top 30 Player Rankings 

1. Jaden Bradley Guard (North Carolina) 
2. Dee Morton Guard (Georgia) 
3. Emoni Bates Forward (Michigan) 
4. Jarace Walker Forward (Pennsylvania) 
5. Carlos Alexander Guard (Maryland) 
6. Chris Livingston Guard (Ohio) 
7. Antonio Hamlin Guard (Maryland) 
8. Tyler Hawkins Guard (New York) 
9. Antonio Sellers Guard (New Jersey) 
10. Quinn Clark Forward (Virginia) 
11. Raydon Thorson Guard (Arizona) 
12. Trey Thomas Guard (Maryland) 
13. Justice Williams Guard (Pennsylvania) 
14. Jayden Pierre Guard (New Jersey) 
15. Darryl Simmons Guard (Connecticut) 
16. Dean Newsome Guard (Pennsylvania) 
17. Tevon Tapper Forward (New York) 
18. Nick Padilla Guard (New York) 
19. Jaden Johnson Guard (Maryland) 
20. Jalen Thompson-Samuels (Canada) 
21. Kamal Francis Forward (Maryland) 
22. Eudell Mason Forward (Connecticut) 
23. Evan Young Guard (Utah) 
24. Jeremiah Bembry Forward (New Jersey) 
25. Michael Montano Guard (Virginia) 
26. Cidney Johnson Jr. Guard (Ohio) 
27. Everton Browne Guard (New York) 
28. Louis Hutchinson Guard (Maryland) 
29. Nicholas Mazzella Guard (New Jersey) 
30. Travis Roberts Guard (Maryland)

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2021 Top 30 Player Rankings


The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2021 had some of the best talent in the country. Below is our Top 30 camp rankings from the event. These rankings are based on camp performance. Our national player rankings will be released this fall. 

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2021 Top 30 Player Rankings 

1. Ryan Conway Guard (Maryland) 
2. Caleb Furst Forward (Indiana) 
3. Shane Dezonie Guard (Pennsylvania) 
4. Julius Ellerbe Forward (Maryland) 
5. Donnell Harris Forward (Florida) 
6. Carter Whitt Guard (North Carolina) 
7. Brayon Freeman Guard (Washington, DC) 
8. Jayden Brown Guard (New Jersey) 
9. Rasool Diggins Guard (Pennsylvania) 
10. Juan Reyna Guard (Texas) 
11. Noah Peoples Guard (Ohio) 
12. Marcus Dyers Guard (New York) 
13. Wilfredo Amaro Guard (Texas) 
14. Ahmad Harrison Guard (Washington, DC) 
15. Ya’Qin Staton Guard (Washington, DC) 
16. Nick Thomas Forward (New York) 
17. Jake Koverman Forward (Maryland) 
18. Max Regusa Guard (New York) 
19. Kevin Lewis Forward (Maryland) 
20. Andre Washington Guard (New York) 
21. Kyhree Harmon Guard (Pennsylvania) 
22. Robert Noord Guard (Georgia) 
23. Jahki Washington Forward (Connecticut) 
24. Freddie Young Jr. Guard (New York) 
25. Jiaan Sehhat Forward (Virginia) 
26. Matthew Nelson Guard (Canada) 
27. Wes Peterson Guard (Washington, DC) 
28. Jack McFadden Forward (New York) 
29. James Madill Guard (New York) 
30. Keon Henderson Guard (Michigan)

NEO Logo.png


Class of 2021       Top 20 All Star                        


Jersey #

Team Kobe



Sonny Johnson



Khalil Luster



Paul Mcmillian



Michael Bova



Devin Johnson



Ty Locklear



Jonathan Lipscomb



Aiden Lal



Detric Hearst



Turner Buttry






Jersey #

Team Jordan



Jayden Pierre



Robert Martin



Jalen Hood-Schifino



Jalen Brown



Danny Young



Roderick Coffee



Emoni Bates



Tavian Tatum



Everton Browne



Bryce Cunningham








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Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel


The Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 is listed below. These rankings are based on our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Team IZOD: Sports U dominated the AC Showcase and virtually cemented themselves as the #1 team in the country. We will see them again during the Memorial Day Classic. 

2. Team Takeover: TTO has also dominated when they stepped on the floor. They seem to be the crown jewel squad in the DMV. I would have loved to see them battle Sports U. 

3. Baltimore United Thrill: Thrill is another top squad we enjoyed from the DMV area. I think they have a good collection of talent and a bright future. 

4. NY Rens (Kat): NY Rens made a huge leap after making it to the finals of the AC Showcase. We will see them again at the MDC. 

5. PSA Cardinals: The Cardinals looked good during the season and have some serious prospects. They are a team to keep an eye for the next few years. 

6. NY Dragons: The Dragons enter the Top 10 after making a final four run during the AC Showcase. They will have a chance to win it all during the MDC. 

7. NY Rens (Harris): This pesky bunch got it together during the AC Showcase by making it to the finals. They should be heading down to Neptune for the MDC. 

8. New World Unlimited: NWU has some serious ballers and gave us some good moments at our event earlier in the year. 

9. Philly Triple Threat: We haven’t seen much of this talented bunch since earlier in the circuit. Hopefully we can get another peek. 

10. Team Final: TF will be making another appearance at the MDC and have a chance to make a title run. I can’t wait to see they guards on this squad.
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Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 7th Grade Best of the Best and All-Tournament Team


The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 7th Grade Division had some of the top players in the region. Here’s a look at our Best of the Best and All-Tournament Team from the event. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Best Of Best 

Best Performer: Trey Patterson (Team IZOD)- Patterson stepped up big in Atlantic City. The 6’7 wing forward showed his all-around game while scoring and making plays with ease. When he is clicking it’s hard to say it’s a better 7th Grader in America. 

Best Playmaker: Shane Dezonie (Team IZOD)- Dezonie’s play making ability has risen and its noticeable. He got anywhere he wanted on the floor and made Atlantic City his personal playground. His stock is on the rise. 

Best Floor General: Jayden Pierre (NY Dragons)- Pierre had a good outing with the NY Dragons. He showed confidence in his game and in his decision making. His leadership helped his squad make it to the final four. 

Best Shooter: Everton Browne (NY Dragons)- Browne proved to have a good stroke over the weekend. He had deep range and accuracy when he let it go. If you try to play zone he can stretch the defense. 

Best Fresh Face: Max Ragusa (Learners Always Win)- Rugusa made this best of his appearance in AC. He stepped up on the main floor against the eventual champion Team IZOD. He showed toughness and a unique skill level. 

Best Scorer: Jayden Brown (Team IZOD)- Brown caught fire over the weekend for Sports U. He can nail the outside shot or wiggle to the basket. He put up buckets for the NJ squad. 

Best Versatility: TJ Morris (NY Rens)- Morris is someone interesting to see and he showed it in Atlantic City. His size and athleticism to get it done on both ends of the floor. I really like this kids upside. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade All-Tournament Team 
Trey Patterson (Team IZOD) 
Shane Dezonie (Team IZOD) 
Tristan Jeffries (Team IZOD) 
Jayden Brown (Team IZOD) 
TJ Morris (NY Rens) 
Brent Bland (NY Rens) 
Sterling Jones (NY Rens) 
Jayden Pierre (NY Dragons) 
Everton Browne (NY Dragons) 

Marcus Dyes Jr. (NY Dragons) 
Jarule Biddle (NY Rens) 
Jakhi Parinello (NY Rens) 
Malique Pringle (NY Rens) 
Jalen Hammonds (Hilltoppers Heat) 
Max Rugusa (Learners Always Win)


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Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers

Jayden Pierre (NY Dragons)

The Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 7th Grade Division gave us a look at some of the top regional players in the Class of 2021. Here’s another look at our top performers. 

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Jayden Pierre Guard (NY Dragons)- Pierre came over from the Hilltoppers and made an immediate impact at the AC Showcase. Not only did he run the point but he showed the ability to knock down the outside shot including 3 treys against We R 1 and also had a good outing versus his former team. He stepped up down in America’s Playground.

Marcus Dyes Jr. Forward (NY Dragons)- Dyes provided a wing scoring punch for the NY bunch. He showed the ability to get to the hole and also convert at the charity stripe. He averaged close to 9 points a game. His best game was a 15 point outing against Hilltopper Heat. I like his versatility.
Everton Browne Guard (NY Dragons)- Browne proved he could shoot the rock from the off guard spot. He nailed 3 treys against We R 1 to help them to the victory. He provides a good 1-2 punch with Jayden Pierre. 
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Teach Me Classic 7th Grade Championship Recap: NY Rens Rallies Back To Win Title!

Lorenzo Washington (NY Rens)

Lorenzo Washington led a big second half as the NY Rens came back to defeat NY Dragons 48-44 and win the Teach Me Classic 7th Grade Championship. Here are the top performers we saw during the 7th Grade finals. 

Teach Me Classic 7th Grade Championship Top Performers 

Lorenzo Washington Guard (NY Rens)- Washington came out shooting in the second half especially from three point range. He drained three straight triples to cut into the large lead. He showed good poise and accuracy when the game was on the line. He also stepped to the charity stripe and knocked down crucial free throws to seal the win.
Tyreek Morris Guard (NY Rens)- Morris won league MVP and I can see how. The kid is enormous talent and upside. He has good bounce, size and can play multiple positions. I like how he creates off the bounce and will knock down the open jumper. He passes the look test and is nowhere near his ceiling. This kid can go.
Marquis Dukes Guard (NY Dragons)- Dukes dominated this game in the first half. He put defenders on his hip and carried them to the bucket. He finished through contact and even showed the knack to drain the open shot. He definitely put his name on our radar and we will be keeping an eye out for this kid.
Keyshawn Jones Guard (NY Dragons)- Jones wan another guard the caught our eye. He has good size and appears confident when handling the rock. He uses strength to finish off plays but can also make good passing decisions with the rock. I also like his outside stroke.
Josh Hunter Guard (NY Dragons)- Hunter is the third guard in this three headed monster for the Dragons. He has a smooth approach and sees the floor well when he’s attacking. I like how he looked in transition and the way he delivered the rock. He can also score when needed.
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Highlights & Analysis of Top Players from this Year’s JR Phenom Camp

Picking the MVP’s in the 6th Grade and 7th Grader Divisions was a lot easier, as 5’2 6th Grader Everton Browne from Middletown, NY and 5’5 7th Grader Jackie Johnson from Wichita, KS both totally took over in these respective all-star games.  The former is an athletic wing who had 17 points and three 3-pointers in a 67-63 winning effort in the 6th Grader All-Star Game.  And, in addition to being able to beat you with his outside shooting, Browne also has great speed, quickness, and anticipation, which allows him to come up with more than his share of steals in the open court, and he’s very explosive to the basket.  The latter finished with 19 points and he’s not bashful with regard to pulling the trigger, as is evident the fact that he had five 3-pointers in the 7th Grader All-Star Game.  He also can be described as a point/forward due to the fact that he can play anywhere on the court from the point guard spot to the power forward spot.


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