August 12, 2015


Scottie class of 2019 is name you should know on  the circut. This high flying guard that can attack the rim or knock down the open jump shot. Scottie is the #1 player in the country at this time; his thunderous finishes at the rim is what he is known for on the basketball court. After reading, Scottie's profile you will see that he is more than just a basketball player.


In what city and state do you live?

Hazlet, New Jersey


How are your grades, grade you are in and school you attend?

3.7 GPA and Ranney Private School


What is your workout routine?

I am working with Bryce Stanhope with impossible training, and we are working on having pace but being quick, and my handle and my catch and shoot game.


What are your strengths and weakness on the court and the position you play?

Small Forward/Shooting Guard. My biggest strength is my versatility because I can take in the post and also go to the basket, I have a great first step and a one dribble pull up.  


Name three colleges that are your dream colleges?

UCLA,OHIO STATE, University of  Florida, Kentucky.


Who is your favorite NBA player and why?

Russell Westbrook because he is fast and quick on the floor and through the years we watch him play he's developed a jump shot which means that he is constantly working.


What is your IG, Twitter or FaceBook?


What is your AAU?

I play for Team Rio National.


In a 100 words or less please tell us something you want everyone to know about you?

Basketball is the thing that I love and I hope it will help me succeed in life and as a person but it is not completely who I am. When I go to college I want to major in English because I like writing poetry and short stories. The Authors that I like are William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, and Shel Silverstein, writing in general is just a big part of my life.





You ask us who is Gavin Thompson and we say that you have been sleeping under a rock for a long time. Gavin Thompson is probably best point guard in the class of 2019; his shooting and ball handling has gotten him offers from five different Division 1 colleges and the interest of many more. Gavins IQ for the game is incredible and usually out smarts opponents on the court. Did we also say that Gavin is only a freshmen in high school. We saw Gavin for the first time at the Jr. Phenom Camp in San Diego, CA a few years ago where he was the #1 Phenom All American in the Country at the point guard spot. His game play has improved so much that he is almost impossible to guard on the perimeter because opponents cannot sag off Gavin because he will knock down the jumper with ease and they cannot play to close because he will blow right pass them with his incredible speed. Remember this name and he will make you a beiliever.


August 12, 2015

If you have not heard this name before you better remember Jace Howard. Jace has out of this world athletic ability and has a motor that is relentless. We saw him at the Jr. Phenom Basketball Camp in San Diego, CA and this kid never stopped playing. Jace was ranked the #2 overall player in the camp and the #1 center.  He rebounded, blocked shots, and scored at will. We can see Jace being one of the best players in country really soon. Check out his player profile below and get to know Jace better.

City and State of Residence: Miami, Florida

Grades: 8th, Ransom Everglades, and A's and B’s

Work out Routine: Personal Training with (NBA Trainer) Stan Remy and (NBA Coach) Juwan Howard 6X per week

Position: Small Forward and Power Forward AAU and  Point Guard for my school team.

Strength and Weakness on the court: Defense/Rebounding. Driving to the basket. Mid Range Jump shot. High Motor. Weakness are 3 point shooting and shot selection.

Dream College: Michigan, North Carolina, Syracuse.

Favorite NBA Player: Russell Westbrook because of his high intensity, unparalleled motor, tremendous skill set and speed.

Instagram: @305Jace

Local AAU team: Past: NightRydas. Current: N/A

Basketball is in my blood. I have a love for the game that nothing or no one can take away from me. I never quit. Personal setbacks and people who doubt me, only motivate me. I've always been an underdog which is ok because it makes me play with a chip on my shoulder. I'm never satisfied and always having to prove myself. I want to keep improving. As long as I get better every year I'm happy.

Jaquan Harris

August 12, 2015


If you have not heard about Jaquan Harris from the New Jersey Bulldogs get ready to. Jaquan is a true 12u and plays the game the way it suppose to be played. He has handles the ball, great range, and can attack the rim with both hands. I got a chance see him do his thing at 6th Grade D1 National Championship and he left it all on the floor. Scoring, rebounding and throwing crisp assist to his teammates. Jaquan is smooth as silk and can do it all on the floor.  You want to talk about top six graders or 12u players he has to be mentioned in that conversation. He has a high IQ for the game and makes everyone around him better. What We really liked about Jaquan was he was really unselfish. New Jersey and the rest of the country better look out for Jaquan because he is real deal and we can see him taking that number 1 spot this year. Read and find out about Jaquan below.


In what city and state do you reside?

North Brunswick, New Jersey


How are your grades, grade you are in and school you attend?

I am a B student I am going to 7th grade and I go to Linwood Middle school


What is your workout routine?

I workout 5 days a week and I am a combo guard


Strengths: IQ, Shooting Ability, Getting to rim and finishing with either hand


3 Dream Colleges: Duke, Rutgers, and Uconn

Who is your favorite NBA player and why?


Lebron James is my favorite player because of his IQ and how he is true student of the game





AAU Team: New Jersey Bulldogs


I am a team player and I am a supporter there is no I in TEAM and I will compete until the end.


Everton  Browne


Player lives in what city and state?

Middletown, NY


What school does he attend and how are his grades?

I attend the Harvey School and my grade point average is in the 90's. I work pretty hard in school and take advance math and science courses.


Workout/practice routine?

I workout at least 4-5 hours a day with Gymratz. I started working with my dad for the first seven years I played basketball but this year my dad got me a trainer so I could hear a different voice. I like the Gymratz because they push me to become better and always make sure that I play at game speed which is very important. I usually take about 300-400 shots a day, I work on the vertimax three times a week to increase my strength and leaping ability, I do various dribble and attacking the basket drills, and shooting off the dribble. I am usually tired after workouts but I love and look forward to them. Working out is what made me the MVP of the 6th grade in the Jr. Phenom All-Star game, the #2 player in the camp and the #1 player at the wing position. My dad always says, "if you want to get better at something you have to practice it all the time." I did really well at 6th grade D1 Nationals this year. I hit 31 threes in 7 games and I was able to help my team receive a ranking in the top 15. So I continue to workout hard to make sure I get better.



Strengths and weakness off and on the court?

My strengths  are my intelligence on and off the court. I am a great 3 point shooter and super quick and I am able anticipate on defense to get easy steals; my handle extremely good.  I am also a leader on and off the court. My weakness off the court is that I need to be more organize.


Three dream colleges?

My three dream colleges are Harvard, Kentucky and Syracuse.


Favorite NBA player and why?

Steph Curry because he likes how creates space to get his shot off and he always seems to be  under control on the court no matter the situation. I try to put some of Steph's game in mine. I shoot the three too and one game I was able hit 9 straight threes with the help of my teammates.  


IG, Twitter or FaceBook?



YouTube videos?




AAU or local team?

NY Dragons and NJ Bulldogs


Who would you like to thank?

First of all I would like to thank God for the talent and success I have had and will have. I would like to thank my dad for all the time he puts in with me to make sure that I become best that I can be; my mom and family for all the support they give. My coaches for the time they put in with me. My trainers Coach Dustin and Ryan from the Gymratz in Middletown, NY, Coach Jamel Thompson, Coach Eric Jones from New York Dragons for always looking out me. My NY Dragons coaches and teammates. I would also like to thank coaches and teammates from the NJ Bulldogs for accepting me as the player I am. Phenom America and Phenom America New York. Thanks to anyone else I forgot.

Lorenzo Anthony Washington


August 13, 2015


Lorenzo Washington is a true point guard and we saw him at work at D1 6th Grade National Championships. This floor general direct his team to 13 spot out of 57 teams. L-Boogie has a understanding on how to direct his teammates on the floor and is also a knock down shooter. It was our pleasure to see this player in action; his vision on the court is what all true point guards needs to be a floor general. He attacked the rim when wanted but most of all he looked for teammates and gave them opportunities for easy shots. Lorenzo is a player you should  keep your eyes on and he is one of the best point guards in the country.


Middletown New York


Grades :92-93


Grade:6th grade School: Circleville Middle School


Im working with Ralph Brown , we are working on the consistency of my jumpshot and strength and conditioning. Position: point guard


3 Colleges: Duke, Kentucky, UCLA


Kyrie Irving is my favorite player: Because he can get anywhere on the court with his dribble and he makes his teammates better . Also he runs his team like a point guard should






I want everyone to know that I am a hardworking kid, I dont care about rankings because they cant save you when the lights come on. I get up everyday in summer at 6:30 and do pushups and pull-ups and run hills , then i stop at 11:30 and go lay down with my basketball until 1:00. Then at 1:00 I go outside and shoot the basketball or I go with my trainer Coach Ralph Brown and we work on my jumpshot until 5:30 and then I go home. Then comes 9:30 and I run hills. Lastly I go inside, take a shower, hydrate and go to sleep with my basketball next to me. All I do is grind hard so when I play in a basketball game, the game is easier. Whenever I'm having a bad shooting game I focus on my defense because if I get steals then they turn into easy points or easy assist. My teammates come first they're like brothers to me and if they're having a bad game i'll try to cheer them up. My Team and I "never lost a game we just ran out of time". My main focus in life is school, so if I dont make it to the NBA I will still have the knowledge and can go to a good college and have a successful career. I'm going to keep working until I no longer have to introduce myself. Everytime I walk in the basketball gym, I have the killer instinct and I feel like no one can stop me, I don't say it because i'm humble. I'm also hungry because I never want to lose but the only way to learn is to lose so when I do lose I watch the game when i get home and I see what can do better. My parents are the main ones pushing me to be the best. I am Lorenzo Washington

Isaiah Thompson

Class of 2021


August 15, 2015


Isaiah Thompson is one of New York great point guards that is coming up. His IQ and poise on the court is incredible; he is willing to take on any challengers and he never backs down. We have seen Isaiah put on a show on the court and for all you doubters you better wake up before you miss a great show. Get know Isaiah a little below!!


In what state do You live ?

New York


How are your grade ?

94 GPA


What school are you going to attend ?

St. Raymond Middle School


What is your workout routine?

My trainer is patt Quinn at Jerry Powell training in North Babylon, Long Island. I started training with Patt at age of 6 , I try to make it out there once a week since it is over a hour from where I live. My dad keeps me busy in the gym 4x a week, working on shooting & ball handle drills. Once a week I run the hills to build my strength & conditioning.


Strengths on the court: shooting and handle


Dream colleges: Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina


Favorite NBA player : I have 2 favorite NBA players , Kobe Bryant because he is a winner and never afraid to take the last shot of game. Stephen Curry because he can shoot and has crazy handle .


Instagram :



AAU team : PSA Cardinals 2021

I want everyone to know I take school as serious as I do basketball. I spent my whole summer reading books and working on my game. I do push up & squats everyday . I don't take any days off, lately I been waking up at 4:30am to do pool workouts & basketball drills . Then I do my second workout at 6pm with my dad.

Jayden "JP" Pierre 


They call him "The Prince of New Jersey" this ball player is incredible floor general. He runs the team like a point guard should. Jayden is one of the hottest 6th Graders out . Pierre point guards skills are always on full display. He’s capable of breaking down defenders with ease with crisp dribbling moves. He also shows court vision beyond his years. Some of you may know who Jayden is but for you who do not read his player profile below and learn even more.

Straight A student 6th grade 
LV Moore MiddleSchool 
In the gym with my dad 3-5 days a week, working on fundamentals, ball handling, shooting, IQ, pretty much working on being a Complete player.
I also have a strength & conditioning coach that I go to 3x a week. 
I'm a Point Guard! A player's player. My strength on the court is my IQ, I'm a playmaker, I've learned and gotten better at understanding situations. I tend to believe I see the floor with a "coache's eye".
Biggest part of my game I need to improve on is getting stronger, working out with my strength & conditioning coach has been helping out a lot.
Duke, Kentucky, & Syracuse 
Derrick Rose
IG: Jayden_JP_Pierre
I have quite a few YouTube videos just type my name in and enjoy...
I'll like to let everyone know I'm working on being the best and first Jayden Pierre not the next anybody. Stay tuned in, the best of me is yet to come. #DontBeliveMeJustWatch 


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